Monday, July 30, 2007

Nashville possibilities

In a few weeks I'm taking a vacation to visit some friends in Nashville, TN (not IN). I became interested in the amount of silly activities I could do in Nashville and accessed a Nashville tourism site and found a few of my favorites. I haven't received any responses from my friends in regards to these suggestions but hopefully they will agree they are great choices.

for example...
you mean, all of my favorite country musicians i've never listened to forever immortalized in wax!! for a minimal fee!! sign me up!!
a candy outlet...........i need not say more
I love haunted stuff. especially haunted genitalia. Unfortunately, this is cave but not THAT kind of cave. silly.
she's my role model. I will go alone if I have to. unless the ticket costs more than the shoes I'm wearing right now.

um, antm anyone?! we can all act out that scene where the twins flailed around like a bag of bones. oh thats right- THEY ARE
I just like the name.
are you kidding me?! NASCAR?!!?!? PARK?!?!?!?! MERCHANDISE?!
apparently there is a "giant bucket of fun." thats its offish name.
99 cent neckties.
includes the "bible lab"
the idea excites me but what exactly would be in there? ...
I wonder how many hipsters you can fit into one building...
the description uses the word "yummy." I like using "yummy" and "purity" in the same sentence. 10 bucks says we're the youngest ones there.
what the hell TN? your museums are just reaching now.
I've given this company a lot of my money. might as well give them more.

in fact...
all of them

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