Monday, February 15, 2010


I had abandoned this blog because I had figured I was just saying the same inane bullshit as all other inane bullshitting bloggers. What do I have to say thats any different from the next shmuck?! But I've realized I should share the one thing I have:

internet videos and links. I'm well aware there are many websites that are professionals at this but I think it'd be 'quite nice' to consolidate the things I like in a tidy little grouping. I have collected such a variety of videos and links that I enjoy. So I'm turn a new leaf...perhaps I will actually have some readers/viewers.

First video is a music video.

Jookabox: You Cried Me.

Pimping a local group but I just can't get this song outta my head. Good job boys (and fancy girl!).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chi city MAYNE

Chi city Mayne may be old news to some but I've decided that if nobody in my office knows about it-its okay to blog.

Chi city mayne is the one youtube vlogger I'm willing to share with others (on an annoyingly regular basis). The first video I saw reposted many times shares with the audience the items you must stock in your fridge to score:

..but the one that makes me lol is his explanation of getting a ticket:

Chi City Mayne, Love you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Awesome Work Emails

From: TXXX
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 8:32 PM
Subject: Patrons With Odor Problems
Hey JXXXX -- are we handling patrons with chronic odor problems like we have in the past? That is, security approaches them for a quiet talk about the situation, maybe we still have a list of places where they can get cleaned up some and can pass this along to them?


Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 7:19 AM
Subject: RE: Patrons With Odor Problems

Thanks for your email, I appreciate the question. In the past, security & I have always dealt with these situations as quietly & diplomatically as possible. Given the fact such excessively foul body odors could indicate additional public health issues, I feel this is an area that has to be handled fairly & consistently....

Is there any reason why can't staff handle these situations as they arise...?


Saturday, January 5, 2008

fuck u bitch!!!!

I guess on some day last week I went to Alley Cat with Michelle and some peeps. This guy asked for my number and I always end up giving it out when asked. Of course, I never end up answering the calls. So michelle incredulously asks "Did you give him your number?!" Later we were laying in my bed gabbing it up and the phone rings. Unrecognized number and Michelle goes "its him! don't answer."

Well, yesterday I'm leaving the Y, frustrated because I forgot some of the stuff I needed to work out and ended up not getting my workout in. My phone starts ringing and of course, the one time I don't check my caller id (because it was cold and I was fumbling) it was this douchebag. I say "What? Who? My phone isn't working.. what? " click. I hang up. I can't remember who/where I met this guy. All I remember is someone being saying, in my bed, "its him, don't pick up."

I have the tendency to just hang up when I accidentally answer a call from a boy at a bar. So he calls back and I ignore it. I then recieve a text that says "Fuck u bitch!!!!"

now, he didn't have the energy to type "you" but you know how long those exclamation points took.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bravado Culture

A bizarre behavior has settled over our current society. This may be specific with people of my generation. We see it in our elders but they're normally considered fanatical or akin with the "comic book guy" on the Simpsons.

There is necessity to express bravado in all means of culture. I don't know when this began. If it began as a subset of the nineties, where to be "cool" was above all. Or if the "cool" preoccupation began in the eighties. We all know cultural circles love to be aware of whats happening in order to seem knowledgeable and with it.

But in our current society, we have this fixation with knowing what is the "best" kind of something and not allowing something else to have its place. Among all twenty somethings aware of the "indie" music genre there is this sense of liking "good music." As opposed to what would be assumed to be "bad" music. Typically, when someone says to me "oh, I'm a music snob" I automatically know they listen to bad music. Which is a conundrum in itself.

Any boy that has attempted to hit on me with his knowledge of music and other cultural happenings fails.

This includes bashing so-called popular music. What gets me in a fuss is when someone will bash a popular musician, for example, Kanye West. If you dislike an artist for his ethics or personality, I can understand. But when you state the artist is no good even if their music is enjoyable, whats the point. You've proved you dislike something because everyone else likes it.

What gets me is when everyone else "likes" something popular, and you like something so-called indie, what makes that so rare? The indie community is a huge one. The internet has proven to be one of the largest groups of indie, blogging, knowitalls out there. So you're most definitely a crowd larger than what you consider the "popular" music. In fact, the marketing you're consuming is so pervasive you don't even notice you're eating it up.

What makes everyone in our generation feel as though they're experts? When did someone say to each one of us, "You. You will be the one who knows what is best."

Anyone who claims to be out there for "real" music or "real film" doesn't even produce real music or film themselves. They wouldn't know what it is they're considering "real" anyway.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Let's be honest....

the phrase "Let's be honest" is fucking annoying. Or "No lie."

Were you not being honest before? Why "let's?" Let us all join you in your effort to be 'honest' about something unimportant.

almost as infuriating as the overuse of the term "literally." We've all seen the youtube videos and blogs shouting about the bastardization of the word literally.

It's always girls who drink too much, sleep around, or are the life of the party. Or so they think.

What are some other phrases that are overused and obnoxious?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Beyonce's Get Bodied

Why didn't anyone tell me about this music video!? its fabulous!

I keep watching the video so I'm going to list why i love it.

--its a freaking destiny's child reunion
--the part when she is doing oldy time dance
--the oddity of the beginning and the timeout
--after she snaps and the timeout ends, that girl swirls over with her hands in a circle abover her head. sooo cool.
--her eye makeup
--the way her shoulders move in that circle
--the way she does the little happy feet dance
--her thighs
--when she mixes the oldy time dance with a grind. HOT!
--she's made of magic.
--when they do an old school dance. I was loling at Kelly
--when she gets so close to the ground
--the boys behind her when she's snapping.
--the chunkier girls
--in fact, all the girls.
--in super fact, all the thighs
--the colores!
--the girl with the braid

I've never been a huge beyonce fan. I like her music. She's fucking talented and she was made to be a star. She's fucking amazing. The video of her falling on the ground is the bible in "how to recover." She's up in two secounds without missing a beat.

im going to watch the video again.