Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Library Pattern Lust

Recently J. Crew has won my heart. Their new pattern is a library pattern which is found on dresses, capris, pants, bags, and scarves. On top of the pattern there are cardigans that are also associated with this library theme. Which has caused me great happiness and sorrow. Happiness because they're beautiful. Sorrow because it costs a pretty penny.

My two top choices for the library patterns from J.Crew:

This beautiful cardigan:

I'm so enamored by this beauty. I am almost tempted to purchase this gorgeous design. Its so perfect. Not only does it satisfy my library fixation but is also associated with other pseudo-intellectual images I apply to myself. For example, the cello/stringed instrument. Perfect for me (and for my orchestral tapestry on my armchair--you must match your clothes to your furniture)

The scarf:

This is the pattern that J. Crew has applied to their clothes. I like it most in a scarf because its most transferrable between different mediums.

I want these so much and I listed in on the new site: Kaboodle. Its a site that allows you to automatically add objects to your wishlist. You can access mine here:


Also found on my kaboodle is this adorable shirt from the website www.lochers.com

I advise you check out all the cute shirts she has created. The one I lust for states "Will Fuck for Shoes."

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