Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The south

Last month I made two trips to Nashville, Tn. The first trip was a trip based completely around joy and laughter. I was going down to visit friends. The second was a weekend later and I had to pick up my car.

Despite the drama that ensued to create multiple trips, I honestly had a great time in Nashville. I'm at that "point in my life" where I've started considering all the different places I could live. You know, after I complete graduate school and have had a few years under my belt in a job that gives me cred.

So every city I visit I start writing the "reasons to live here" list in my head. And Nashville TN is, of course, a city that has begun accumulating that list.

This is of note because I am definitely a Yankee. I grew up in Indianapolis. My parents are from Ohio and New Jersey. My beliefs are fairly liberal and I believe the Civil War was not about independence but about slavery.

Yet a secret desire I've always had is to live in the South.

In my childhood I was fixated with all the novels that took place in the South. I read Gone with the Wind and Scarlett, other books that took place in Georgia and Albama during the Civil. I went to Savannah in seventh grade on a girl scout trip and decided I wanted to live there.

I was also a miniatrue of my father's beleifs so I was very traditional and conservative.

So this itch to be in the south has reformed anew and may lend itself to a move in the not so distant future.

Who wouldn't love honky tonks, talented people all over the streets, creative ventures, and a nice hot terrain?

well many people, but i do!


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