Saturday, November 3, 2007

Beyonce's Get Bodied

Why didn't anyone tell me about this music video!? its fabulous!

I keep watching the video so I'm going to list why i love it.

--its a freaking destiny's child reunion
--the part when she is doing oldy time dance
--the oddity of the beginning and the timeout
--after she snaps and the timeout ends, that girl swirls over with her hands in a circle abover her head. sooo cool.
--her eye makeup
--the way her shoulders move in that circle
--the way she does the little happy feet dance
--her thighs
--when she mixes the oldy time dance with a grind. HOT!
--she's made of magic.
--when they do an old school dance. I was loling at Kelly
--when she gets so close to the ground
--the boys behind her when she's snapping.
--the chunkier girls
--in fact, all the girls.
--in super fact, all the thighs
--the colores!
--the girl with the braid

I've never been a huge beyonce fan. I like her music. She's fucking talented and she was made to be a star. She's fucking amazing. The video of her falling on the ground is the bible in "how to recover." She's up in two secounds without missing a beat.

im going to watch the video again.

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