Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bravado Culture

A bizarre behavior has settled over our current society. This may be specific with people of my generation. We see it in our elders but they're normally considered fanatical or akin with the "comic book guy" on the Simpsons.

There is necessity to express bravado in all means of culture. I don't know when this began. If it began as a subset of the nineties, where to be "cool" was above all. Or if the "cool" preoccupation began in the eighties. We all know cultural circles love to be aware of whats happening in order to seem knowledgeable and with it.

But in our current society, we have this fixation with knowing what is the "best" kind of something and not allowing something else to have its place. Among all twenty somethings aware of the "indie" music genre there is this sense of liking "good music." As opposed to what would be assumed to be "bad" music. Typically, when someone says to me "oh, I'm a music snob" I automatically know they listen to bad music. Which is a conundrum in itself.

Any boy that has attempted to hit on me with his knowledge of music and other cultural happenings fails.

This includes bashing so-called popular music. What gets me in a fuss is when someone will bash a popular musician, for example, Kanye West. If you dislike an artist for his ethics or personality, I can understand. But when you state the artist is no good even if their music is enjoyable, whats the point. You've proved you dislike something because everyone else likes it.

What gets me is when everyone else "likes" something popular, and you like something so-called indie, what makes that so rare? The indie community is a huge one. The internet has proven to be one of the largest groups of indie, blogging, knowitalls out there. So you're most definitely a crowd larger than what you consider the "popular" music. In fact, the marketing you're consuming is so pervasive you don't even notice you're eating it up.

What makes everyone in our generation feel as though they're experts? When did someone say to each one of us, "You. You will be the one who knows what is best."

Anyone who claims to be out there for "real" music or "real film" doesn't even produce real music or film themselves. They wouldn't know what it is they're considering "real" anyway.

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